Global Private Equity

  • Privately Funded
  • Middle Market
  • Operational Acumen
  • Active Private Equity Partnerships
  • Offices in Boston and Beverly Hills

Focused Investing

  • Corporate Divestitures
  • Private Sellers
  • Mature Businesses
  • PE Exits
  • Control Investments

Fair Value and Expedient Solutions

A deal execution cycle designed for speed

With over $550m assets under management, and over 2,500 employees globally, the group has worked on over $15 billion in transactions with corporations such as AT&T, BASF, Bayer, General Electric, Hays PLC, IBM, Lucent, Media General, Motorola, Masco, Universal Group and Williams Communications.

Revolution Capital Group provides corporate sellers with fair value and expedient solutions for their non-core assets in North America and Europe. We are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards and business practices.

Our Deal Execution Cycle

01 Corporate Development Team

Using our in-house team, we contact Corporations, Private Owners, Investment Banks and Brokers to source our deals.

02 Review In-house

Our in-house professionals review the Information Memorandums and assess their fit with Revolution’s target acquisition criteria. In addition, we will develop an initial investment thesis for review by our Executive Team.

03 M&A, Operations, and Finance

Targets that match Revolution’s criteria will quickly be analyzed by our M&A, Operations and Finance organizations to determine Revolution’s investment thesis for the target acquisition.  In addition, this core team will quickly develop a plan for due diligence, management meetings, and site visits in order to expedite the deal process if necessary.

04 Strategic Involvement with Management Team

During the diligence process Revolution professionals work closely with the management team to identify and detail the strategy for the acquired entity post acquisition. The ability to leverage the Management team’s deep knowledge of the company and the industry it is a part of is a critical component of Revolution Capital Group’s strategy.

05 Independent Investment Committee

All acquisition opportunities are reviewed by Revolution’s independent investment committee focused on evaluating and approving deals that fit Revolution Capital Group’s criteria.

Our team has been involved in over 100 divestitures, transitions and turnaround situations.


Unlocking Potential

The Revolution team has extensive experience operating portfolio companies and works with management to unlock the potential value of the businesses we acquire. Our approach ensures that customer service remains uninterrupted and all obligations to the seller are met both during and after the acquisition process.


Dealing with Complexity

Our operating team works with management through the complex issues that can arise in a transaction, such as various accounting methodologies and building stand alone infrastructures. We also strive to identify potential acquisitions, improve operational performance and implement a comprehensive market strategy.


Positioning for the Future

Our philosophy is to engage an operating strategy in conjunction with management from the earliest stage of the transaction process. We look to both effectively transition the business from the parent corporation and also work diligently to position the business for future growth and profitability.