Revolution Capital Group is a global private investment firm specializing in mergers, acquisitions, and operations of companies that provide mission-critical products and services in diverse industries.

With over $500mm assets under management, and over 2,500 employees globally, the group has worked on over $15 billion in transactions with corporations such as AT&T, BASF, Bayer, General Electric, Hays PLC, IBM, Lucent, Media General, Motorola, Masco, Universal Group and Williams Communications.

Revolution Capital Group provides corporate sellers with fair value and expedient solutions for their non-core assets which often do not attract large trade or financial buyers.

Other advantages include:

  -  Expedited transaction process
  -  Certainty of closure
  -  Improved balance sheet
  -  Increased shareholder value
  -  Long term distribution or service agreements
  -  No financing contingencies

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